CQB Fast Colour Change Powder Coating System and Powder Recovery System
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CQB Fast Colour Change Powder Coating System and Powder Recovery System is constructed in the latest design for modern plastic sandwich booth.  Flexible touch up stations are located at both ends of the spray booth.  Excellent air flow design ensures high transfer efficiency of powder.  Minimal down time in cleaning and colour change.  Conform to the latest European ATEX Safety Requirement.

1.   Elegant and stylish design.
2. The booth is manufactured from special engineering plastic which will enable fast colour change and higher transfer efficiency of powder coating.
3. The roof is designed with wide-angle to eliminate dead corners and reduce colour change down time.
4. Downward air stream to ensure a steady and efficient extraction.
5. Good lighting system.
6. Flexible touch up station.
7. Compact design.
8. Conform to the latest European ATEX Safety Requirement.





KLC Series Mono Cyclone powder Separator

When changing colour, the operator only needs to clean the lower and top part of the cyclone powder separator.  So the colour change is simple and quick  Recovery efficiency is 96% - 98% for standard powder.   The fines separated from the reclaimed powder will be collected and filtered out by the filter elements for disposal in order to ensure top quality finish for the products.

KF Series “Swing Wing” Type Filter Unit

KF series filter are fitted with “Swing-Wing” cartridge filter cleaning system. The Swing-Wing device inside the cartridge filter will ensure high efficiency in cleaning the surface area of the cartridge filter. An advance automatic cartridge filter cleaning monitor system is fitted to ensure the long term performance of the filter.

DDF Powder Pump and Control System

The powder pump is the heart of all powder coating systems and the latest DDF4 powder pump from Ramseier Koatings can achieve high powder density and low velocity delivery.

PMC Close Circuit Powder Management Center

The PMC close circuit power management center that was designed and launched in 2001, has vastly improved the colour change down time and reduced cross colour contamination of the different powder.

ER Series Programmable Long-stroke Reciprocator

It guarantees long term repeat accuracy of the spray gun during automatic spraying; Variable switch points; programmable control of up to 255; steady movement and simple operation.

Automatic Gun Unit (AG-S600+GCU-S600)

Suitable for automatic spraying which demands large scale production, frequent colour change and high coating quality; five optional function modes with simple operation and operators can freely choose best electrostatic output; improve penetration to corners and recesses to get steady and best coating.

Manual Spray Gun Unit (MG-S600+GCU-S600)

The unit is suitable for manual spray or manual mending spray for automatic spray with its five function modes. It’s simple to operate; one can freely choose best electrostatic output. It penetrates excellently to corners and recesses and reduces work intensity.

Control Cabinet

The use of the advance and user friendly SCU-S600 System Control Unit will enable the integration of the setting of all the electrostatic and pneumatic values for the spray guns under one control unit.