Clients-oriented Service

Our worldwide network of distributors and service centers has ensured that our customers worldwide will receive timely advice, spare part and local service support both before and after the sale of the equipment or systems.


Group Head Office
 Hong Kong                                                                                                                                                                
 Ramseier Koatings Technologies International Ltd.
 9/F, Hung Tak Building
 106-108 Des Voeux Road Central
 Hong Kong
 Tel:+852 2363 2511
 Fax:+852 2764 0105
China Head Office and Factory
 Ramseier Koatings Technologies(ZS)
 Company Limited 
 No.7 Sha Bian Road
 Torch Development Zone
 Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province P.R.China
Sales Offices and Service Centers
 Guangzhou Branch                           Shanghai Branch                                 Linhai,Zhejiang                                 
 Tel: +86(20)8106 4145 
 Tel:+86(21)6247 3217
 Fax:+86(20)3877 0379
 Fax:+86(21)6247 3165
 Fax:+86(576)8512 8235
 Distributors in China
 Liaoning                                             Fujian                                                    Anhui                                                 
 Shenyang Xulang Engineering Co.,Ltd.
 Xiamen Cheng Ye Chen Machinery Co.,Ltd.
 Huangshan Yangsen Coating Science and
 Technology Co.,Ltd.
 Shandong                                           Zhejiang (Yongkang)                          Zhejiang(Hangzhou)                        
 Linqu Lanbo Coating Machinery Co. Ltd.  Yongkang Gaotingshi Trading Co. Ltd.  Shanghai Fushen Industrial Co. Ltd.
 Tel:+86-18653609695  Tel:+86-13106409068  Tel:+86-15618880369
Guangdong (Dongguan,Shenzhen)  Hunan,Hubei                                                                                                     
 Dongguan Wanpang Environment
 Technology Co. Ltd.
 Wuhan Ruizhicheng Machinery Technology
 Co. Ltd.
 UK                                                       France                                                 
 DC Applications  SITES Siège Social
 Tel:+44(0)1704 228889  Tel:+33(0)474 692533
 Fax:+44(0)1704 228889  Fax:+33(0)474 660883
 Italy                                                    Spain                                                       New Zealand                                      
 CM SPRAY s.r.l.  Spray S.A.  Epac NZ Ltd
 Tel:+39(0)422 398768  Polígono Industrial Las Salinas - Calle  Tel:+64(9)8466953
 Fax:+39(0)422 398594  Valencia, 12A,  Fax:+64(9)8450124  08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat,  Barcelona (Spain)