Manual Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

The Ramseier Koatings Smart 600 electrostatic powder coating gun and control system has benefited from the latest development in digital electronic and the latest "Total Charge Control" (TCC) electrostatics technology which has made the S600 one of the most user friendly and reliable high performance spray guns in the world.

Main benefits:

Charge Modes- 5 Different electrostatic charge modes
Remote Control - Fast changes to manual gun settings
Higher Reliability - Lower operating costs
Superior Performance - Faster and more efficient transfer of powder
Programmable - Up to 100 electrostatic settings
Earth Fault Detection - Safer and more reliable operation (optional)
SmartClean - Air jet cleaning of discharge needle and powder path to ensure efficient charging of powder
SmartAir Control - Simple and surge free adjustment of powder output



MG-S600 manual spray gun:

· Remote control of main functions from rear of manual gun
· SmartClean powder purge function

GCU-S600 Gun Control Unit:

The Gun Control Unit (GCU-S600) has 5 electrostatic charge modes which the operator can choose to use.


Mode A - Automatic

Mode M - Manual

Preset mode - For Flat Surfaces

Preset mode - For Recoat

Preset mode - For Complex Work Pieces